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Date of Birth: 27th September 1947, Perthshire Scotland
Height: 5'8" (1.73m)
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Actor/Director


-Denis was born in Perthshire, Scotland on September 27th 1947.

-His wife Shiela Gish, died in March 2005, Although they'd only married the previous year whilst on holiday in Antigua, The couple has been together since 1985, Having met on the set of BBC drama That Uncertain Feeling.

-Denis has a son, Jamie (born 1979) from a previous relationship.

-He is the uncle of Ewan Mcgregor

-He decided to become an entertainer (in his words Song and Dance man) at the age of 5 or 6, this developed into Actor in later years. He was inspired by greats such as Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye, Fred Astaire and Lucille Ball, he himself was to become the inspiration behind his nephew Ewans ambition to become an actor.

-Away from acting, Denis is a huge Jazz fan, regulary attending clubs such as Ronnie Scotts in London.

-Has battled and won against Clinical Depression using hypnotherapy


In recent years Denis has become well known for roles such as Tom Campbell Gore in the popular BBC medical Drama Holby City, John Jarndyce in the critically aclaimed adaptation of Charles Dickens Bleak House and Peter Syme in Jekyll (also BBC)

To see a complete list of productions Denis has acted in click here http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0493200/


-Denis will be in this Sundays Miss Marple -Ordeal by Innocence (ITV- 9pm, 30th Septemeber)

-He is also due to appear in an episode of the second series of BBCs Robin Hood. see http://www.easier.com/view/Lifestyle/Entertainment/Staying_In/article-141101.html

Next year (around Easter) Denis will be in a BBC version of the Passion of the Christ, Playing a high priest. (Thats the only information I have on this at the moment.)